I’m safely arrived in London

Ok, ini buah tangan sikit (updated lepas shooting)


Hi all, Alhamdulillah..it was a smooth flight with only 2-3 minutes turbulence an a smooth landing. Never thought that AirAsia X brought a good comfort comparable with Malaysia Airlines at 50% cost. Food and entertainment was there by option but i didn’t take the entertainment eventhough both of it are cheap. Luckly they didn’t charge for the emergency life jacket hhahaha. I’ll surely fly again to London by AirAsia X. Seriously, the seat is comfortable enough for 13 hours journey. With economy fare of Malaysia Airline, I can get premium seat which comparable with business class in normal flight.

Btw, it was a terrible situation to be shared in London Stansted airport. The Immigration officer really give us a real bad time. Maybe they didn’t read the book they have created about the policy. It took me 3 hours for the clearance and I declared everything without cheating any single thing. It supposed to be flawless since I’m not working there but assigned to do work from Malaysia but the shooting happened in London. However, the next trip will not be like this anymore (as confirmed by the officer).

Tomorrow I’ll be shooting in the old palace near Essex in London. It would be a great ceremony followed by their wedding portraiture in the very next day. It will happened all in London. It’s late already now and I have to log off so I can get enough rest for tomorrow’s big day. I’ll share the pictures pretty soon in this blog as well as my fan club in the facebook.




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  1. Mas…I saw their pictures but always try not to get influence from them. Even it accidentally influenced…it will turn into own individual touch.

  2. sn,i thought dis pic was taken in a hallway u know!tgk lame2 baru sy realize ada cermin kat situ!siot btol!
    very3 clever of u

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