Rags to Riches 5 – Why I hate Racism

I was born in Bukit Kapar Klang. My father used to work as a labor in an oil palm mill in Bukit Kapar estate. I was there until 1984. I lived there from the day I born till I was 6th. I have an eldest brother I called Along. When I was 4, I have my first younger brother and another 1 followed 5 years later.

I was the only one child among all my brothers delivered in the hand of traditional midwife (bidan kampung). To make it exact, she was Nenek Tomblok. A respected midwife and also known as bomoh in Kampung Bukit Kapar, Bukit Kerayong and Bukit Kucing Selangor. I was the only one in my family born at home. The rest was born in hospital and other than me all born by caesarean method.

According to my father, it’s easier to look after me as I’m very challenging just that… I’m too sensitive. My parents have told me this story.  Else I wouldn’t know it. At the age of 2, I already followed my mother to go and help her in sorting the palm oil kernel as an extra income to topup my father’s RM10 per day salary.

It’s a bit fairly tales if I say I’ve been blessed with all wonderful people around me. In the real fact, I wasn’t blessed with any helpful siblings. My Along (eldest) was always be my fighting mate until I was 15th. Until the time we stepped out from our house and away from each other (i went for study and he went for work). My next brother was born with his right arm broken during the vacum suction in the Klang hospital at the labor room. That what made him special. Whenever he didn’t like me or Along for whatever or no reason he will cry like nobody business, and I got smacked (kena rotan) by my father. Well, maybe I shouldn’t comment about this longer as their chapter will come along this series.

As my parents lived in the estate quarters, I had more Indian friends than Malay. Until 1 point, my late mother and father can really speak Tamil very well. Mom got more as she also watched  Hindustan every week. At the age of 4, with so many Indian friends, I’ve been ventured into so many extreme activities including mandi parit. It was totally an Estate Life. The Indian boys’ survivability in that very estate taught me about how life can be very wonderful without racism. My friends was mostly Indian. My parents’ friends too were Indian. We ate together sometime at their house sometime at my house. My mom told me, she have to tell all my friends’ mother if I went there for lunch, please feed me with vegetarian food. Likewise, they asked my mother not to feed their kids with beef.

I still remember an old lady in the neighborhood. I wasn’t sure about her real name but she is the mother to Subra (my father’s work mate) and my dad always called him Misai. Automatically, Misai’s mother been called “Mak Misai”. She was just like my grandmother as my grandmother seldom came to visit at our old house in Bukit Kapar.

At the age of 5, I was still there. I started begging my mom to go to school. The estate manager was very generous to hire a teacher privately to educate us (Estate and Mill’s workers’ kids). Among my best friends during that time was Siva, Murthi and Saravanan. We are just like brothers. We play together, eat together, learn together and even sleep together. Our house were just a few steps away from each other. In the kindergarten, we got to know Li Teng (not sure the real spelling). His father worked as the estate manager stayed at a biiiiigg bungalow next to the mill. Li Teng was along in his first day class. Murthi, Saravanan, Siva and I approached him and play together. We never know who is Chinese, who is Indian and who is Malay because we feel like no different.

We were very good friends after that. We even blessed with a “lorry” of toys at Li Teng’s house that we never imagine to own it. After sometimes, Li Teng too…..became our team for Mandi Parit. That game became merrier after we managed to catch a snake-head fish (haruan) in that parit. It was just a small fish but we managed to get it by using a mosquito net. We didn’t bring it home. Instead, we cooked the fish right away. It was simple, put-up a fire and put the fish inside the fire and burnt it.



We meet each other in a clinic in the next day… (To be continued)

Rags to Riches 4 – Sidek

Gambar hiasan, among my recent weddings in my client list.

At the age of 9, I was schooling at Felda Tementi Primary School in Bera. I came from a parents which their household income is RM350 per month (not even my earning in an hour now). My father is a land settler in Felda Tementi. Granted with 10 acres oil palm of land (which actually we pay monthly for it price) and my mother was a fulltime housewife.

I got to know Sidek when I was in standard 3 and he was one of the poorest. Consider he got a big family with the same amount of income like my family. Sidek worn the same pants from standard 1. Worst than me, I have 1 pant and 1 shirt every year. One day, Sidek brought to the school a class photograph when he was in standard 1. He was just like a policeman in 40s. Short pant that look like a bermuda. He used rope as a belt. I was lucky at least I have an RM1 belt from the night market from my standard 1. In standard 3, his father bought him a belt but he still wore the same short pant to school. It was torn at few places and stitched properly but the colour wasn’t an even blue anymore. It was blue with a few light-blue spots.

During the break, i never went to canteen to buy food. Instead, I ate whatever in my meal box. My late mother is the best mother. She woke up at 5.30am and cooked me breakfast. Anything from roti canai, lempeng, curry puff, nasi lemak, fried rice and many more. I was blessed with my mother’s handcooked food.

Sidek didn’t even go to canteen and he didn’t even have a meal box.

He always ported himself at the school backyard watching nothing but the grasses on the field. Eventually, that was my eating place as I didn’t want other pupils yelled at me for eating something from home (well actually, that was only my feeling, they are not as bad as that) but eating the meal box wasn’t that stylo among others and i felt inferior about that.

One day, I brought along my food and I offered Sidek to share my meal. He came and ate it all and left me nothing. Pity him as his mother didn’t cook enough as he got 9 siblings and normally the breakfast prepared are all gone deficit (tak cukup). Means…nothing left to bring to school. After he “burbb” then he said thanks to me. He complimented the nasi lemak he ate as the best nasi lemak ever. (but I was kruurkkkkkkrukkk krukk….hungry)

In the next day, I asked my mom to prepare more nasi lemak in my meal box. But a day after, I told my mom to separate it in 2 boxes as Sidek will wallop all my nasi lemak if I put it in 1 box. Now, I have a class break companion. We shared our stories together. Mom asked me, why should I bring 2 boxes. Then I answered, it was for Sidek. I told the story about Sidek to my mom. My mom agreed with what I did. She said…“Baikkk anak emak. Emak bangga dapat anak macam Angah”.

The tasteful nasi lemak by my mom eventually spreaded among Sidek’s friend. In the next 1 week, I had 5 class break companions then. But later I told them…

“Korang minggu ni sahaja tau aku bawak bekal, minggu depan korang kena beli tau kalau nak…”

That was after I have to be like a delivery boy everyday I went to school and my mother started to asked weather all of them are as poor as Sidek or not. Another 3 wasn’t as bad as me and Sidek. 2 of them are sons to my school teacher (upper primary). They normally ate at the canteen. Suddenly, an idea popped-up. I let them try another recipe of my mom in school which was nasi goreng belacan. They loved that too.

In the next 1 week I started the business. I let them know “Friend, tomorrow I’ll bring nasi lemak but you need to book first”. Eventually, I’ve got not only 3 orders but 10. One of them was my school teacher (which his son ate my mom’s nasi lemak). I collected RM2 that day as 1 nasi lemak sold at RM0.20 which canteen sold at RM0.40. Well, maybe because I didn’t have overhead to pay for the canteen that’s why it can be that cheap.

The money I collected, I passed to my mom. She said…wow…u did a real good business Angah!

But, emak passed me RM1 for me to put in my “Tabung Ridsect” (Sorry to Ridsect, after we used your aerosol, we used that as coin container as that one can’t be korek). As the tabung can’t be accessed to count the money I earned in that business. I managed to note down my earning every day in my small note at my house wall.

The business grew well. Until it reached the maximum limit I can bring in my 2nd bag. It was about 20 nasi lemak and nasi goreng everyday. I earned approximately RM30 nett for the first month. Same goes to my mother as she got half of it (but of course, that’s her cost to cook that meals). Sidek still got it for free eventhough the nasi lemak was getting so popular.

The nasi lemak got so popular until the canteen operator knew about it. The canteen operator was one of my teacher’s wife. She complaint that I shouldn’t have to sell it in school as it’s against the law. Well, I was 9th and I didn’t really alert about selling in school was wrong. A discipline teacher asked me to come to his office. He asked me about the business and I told him everything.To cut it short…

He asked me to stop…

I cried. I told him, I didn’t do anything wrong and I really need money to help my mother. Discipline teacher made a straight face (buat muka garang). The time I walked out from his office, he came to me and started to talk (slowly…bisik-bisik soksek soksek yada yada yada yada good luck).





Nasik lemak collected in front of the school.

Just outside the school gate…

in that very school

(And that was my discipline teacher’s idea)

Teachable idiots will become genius

It’s very easy to get an idiot to listen instead of getting a genius to do the same. For the past 5 years, training a photographer and groom them to be a shining star has never been easy. Even until today, that particular job is the hardest thing to do. Development of a photographer doesn’t only involve their skills, but more than that, their attitude, passion, professional ethics, discipline, loyalty must be put into the syllabus.

Well, there are a lot of things happened in my case. People come and people go. People come zero, people go hero. As long as I’m still here, nothing much for people to worry. I like people who want to listen and learn. But normally, all of them came for that reason. They are teachable because some of them (or most of them I would say) doesn’t really have the basic about photography and not even see the way how to grow as a legend. Because of that, they are all willing to listen or may even been scolded for that reason. As long as they can learn.

After sometimes, some failed and go, some managed to pass through the challenge and progressing to be a hero. What I did, I will highlight them to the public and let the public know about them. A few months after that, they have  a lot of subsidized followers  due to the endorsement by CandidSyndrome. Peole have the trust in them but learning process never stop. Even for myself and other great photographers.

For most cases happened, once they feel like they have followers that always worship them, they started to forgot their root. At this point of time, normally the hardly listen to you anymore. I have to tell you, this is very common. Because they stop listening and believing…the education is practically stopped. They became stagnant. At this point of time, normally they will feel like they have everything. They started to lost respect to the principal who helped them up. And even worse…most of them started to lose their discipline. If this happened, I will normally revised their contract and if there are still no changes…then…they’ll be removed.

Because for us, they are not a good photographer anymore for us and for our customers.

To be frank, being a legendary photographers doesn’t take your hands-on skills handling a camera and taking nice pictures so much. But…the Attitude! Right attitude can bring them into the highest level a human can be. It have been 5 years since Saiful Nang and CandidSyndrome established. I have gone through the real pain in developing it. I pay it with my blood, sweat and tears. That’s why, it’s not any Tom Dick and harry can join this team. Because they are the one who will be representing CandidSyndrome to the people. I don’t mind losing a genius that I’ve trained instead of losing the goodwill (CandidSyndrome) that we have developed over time.

With the right attitude, you can rest assure your pictures will be really great!

People come and people go, but as long as I’m still here. I can always give a very good touch to convert an idiots (who feel they are zero) to a legendary hero in photography. Just like what I always do. This is just like a story of 1 empty jar and 1 full jar. If I want to give water, I will choose the empty jar because they are zero (empty or make themselves empty). I will give water to the jar with full of water.

The reason why I wrote this article is…because I’m going to announce another 3 Junior photographers in CandidSyndrome (with more than 3 years experience) that will be promoted into Senior level. Which they have proven themselves as an international recognized photographers through assignments and awards as well as more than a thousand wedding hour experience in CandidSyndrome. They NEVER FAILED to obey all our professional ethics and much more. They are those idiots who wanted to listen and now they are…


Rags to Riches 3

(Bersambung dari Rags to Riches 2)

The project (secret tunnel) has been instructed to be closed by our parents. Fuad and I were still adamant to get the toys at the night market. As I love to do saving for whatever money i got, I knew the value of money earlier than Fuad. In fact, just about the same time with my eldest (2 years older).

Our hardworks for 2 weeks will be gone. Fuad started to blame me for my stupid idea. Well, only now I know it was stupid. When we were small, we always be very positive in whatever we do. Call a Prime minister to officiate our project seem to be so practical those days. As a kid, we never know about “giving up”.

Due to the closure of the project, I felt guilty with Fuad. Then I started to modify the plan. Some beautifying works has been done to the tunnel on my own. Then, the tunnel had a small staircase made by woods with some decoration made from the bushes.

Then I called Fuad. He was surprised with the changes. The new version of that tunnel looked more commercialize. No changes on the structure. In order to make it more salable to the public, I have to put another attraction into it. Then I decided to have a MINI-ZOO. There were a few species of animals I successfully gathered for that project.

  1. Rats
  2. Cockroaches
  3. Frogs
  4. Tilapia fish
  5. Catfish
  6. Big lizard (biawak)
  7. Ants
  8. Butterflies
  9. Dragonflies
  10. Tenggiling
  11. Worms
  12. Termite
  13. Squirrel
  14. Ayam
  15. And more…

All these species has been collected by Fuad and I in few days time. At the same time, I had a cute squirrel. This cute little squirrel was my pet since she was 2 days old. Eventually, that squirrel (named Awang) was a big attraction when I brought her to my school in my pocket. After all the species has been gathered, we put it in some nice containers so people can come and see and feed it. The main attraction was Awang. Awang was so cute and she just learn how to play with a small ball.

I had a special plan for Awang. A day before the opening, we went to school as usual. This time, Fuad and I started our marketing. We did invite our classmates to come and see our mini zoo at only RM0.20 per visit. FYI, I never been in any zoo before that day. The only idea I had about a zoo was in my pictorial dictionary.

During the opening day, approximately 10 people attended. A line-up of animals has been arranged nicely on the ground. But…Awang has been placed in another place. A special place. At 3 meters deep plus another 3 meters long. We created special cache made from a tupperware and we put a (small lamp) pelita ayam to light it up.

The entrance fees to the zoo is RM0.20 but to see and play with Awang for 5 minutes is another RM0.10 cents. If they just want to see and play with Awang they have to pay RM0.20 cents. I was the ticket collector. The zoo opened after we home from afternoon religious class. As people don’t know Fuad was my partner, I asked Fuad to go down to the shaft and act like it was really impressive experience playing with a little squirrel 3 meters down the ground. Fuad went out and acted…“Wowwww…best nyaaa kat dalam ada lampu ayam dan ada tupai comel pandai main bola” (Well, we didn’t cheat anyone…Awang really know how to play with a small ball). Just on Fuad expression…I told Fuad to exaggerate it so more people will be tempted to go in. With Fuad exaggerated excitement, most of them wanted to go in. Only a few told me that they don’t have anymore money but they will surely come back in the next day for the tunnel.

Finally, we managed to collect RM3-5 (approx) for the opening day. Half more to go for our dream toys. Surprisingly, the 2nd day, through WORDS OF MOUTH, we received guests from different blocks. We were very busy in the 2nd day. We had almost 30 people queuing for their turn to go to the secret tunnel. Eventually, the ticket for the tunnel sold-out. 5 minutes each, we hardly entertained all.

We managed to collect RM5-10 for the second day. Now we have done cumulatively about RM10-15. Yehaaa…we had enough money to buy our dream toys. My principle is simple, if we can make RM20 why make RM5. So the project continue to open for another day. Learn from the heavy traffic at the mini-zoo, then we started to practice booking concept. Especially for the tunnel entrance.

3rd day was merrier than any other days before. That time, I can’t hide to the people anymore. My mom knew it and I have to make it clear to my mom. I showed her the money i earned and told her my intention to buy a “truck” (inspired by BJ series). This time, my mom supported me, but she said…today is your last day as the tunnel is too dangerous to play with.

Even better, the opening for the 3rd day is more merrier especially when my mom helped me to open a counter to sell water. We made aproximately RM15 in the 3rd day. Now, we had approximately RM30 in hand. To keep my promise to my mom, then I announced that the tunnel will be closed forever beginning the next day.

Everyone was unhappy….especially me and Fuad.

But I told Fuad, we have more than enough money to buy any toys at night market. I told Fuad, about the division of money. He was so happy. By 7pm, it was getting dark and we closed our operation and go home. I asked Fuad to come and count the money we earned in those 3 days. Fuad was so happy, he did sign language showing my head and “good sign” (verbally…Your brain is really superb!). We can’t wait for tomorrow, we wanted to get our dream in that very night.

By 8pm, My dad was about to ignite the motorbike to send me and Fuad to the night market (2km from our house). From far I saw a motorbike approaching our house. As it getting nearer, then I know he was one of the neighbours. Then another 1 bike and another one and another 1…

Just to make it short…

They are “my zoo visitors’ parents”. The parents made a complaint that I have done something to steal their kids’ money. The kids rather not to eat in school just to spare their money to pay the entrance fee for my zoo. My dad argued that I didn’t steal or cheat other kids’ money, instead he mentioned about my mini-zoo project. Not to prolong the argument, all of them asked the money to be returned to their kids.

Until now, I feel so bad with that. Their kids had fun, their kids had drinks and their kids pay us almost RM30 collectively, but we lost all the money we earn in that very night to those claims…

It was so cruel…I didn’t cheat them…and still they said I cheated.


We were really frustrated…


In the next day…we constructed our own truck.

This time, assisted by my dad.

Rags to Riches 2

When I was 7th, my parents didn’t have money to buy toys. As a normal kid, I was just like any others. I love toys and I love to play. I have only 20 cents per day for my school and that never been used. Instead, the money was always ended to be in my coin container.

I had a neighbour named Fuad. He was 7th too. We both had problem for not being able to play with toys made by factories. Due to the limited resources to get those toys, Fuad and I planned to create our amusement park. Inspired by the Adventure of Tom Sawyer aired on TV during that time, I decided to be more challenging boy from a poor family. Then, I drafted a plan for an amusement park.

First phase of the amusement park was an underground “secret” tunnel with a secret chamber. The 2nd phase will be a mini zoo. At the first place, I planned to go with the plan so I can charge whoever my friend who wanted to go into the tunnel a nominal fees. With that money, Fuad and I can buy a toy that we like. It was a “Truck” that cost me RM5 in the night market.

Then, I went to Fuad’s house next to my house. I told him about my plan. Then he agreed to be my partner. Then we started the first phase by digging 3 meters deep shaft. The shaft took us a week work without our parents knew about it. The 2nd week, we started to dig the tunnel horizontally for another 3 meters before we can dig a chamber that can fit 5 people with a table for us to play Saidina (Monopoly game…but, self made). The 3 meters horizontal tunnel and 3 meters deep vertical shaft was completed in the 2nd week. We were only 7th.

Everyday by 8pm, we have no other choices on TV as we only received TV1 and TV2 channel during that time. TV3 was very new until we didn’t even receive the signal. I happened to watch Tun Dr. Mahathir were cutting the ribbon to officiate something and did the ground breaking ceremony. It came into my idea on how if I invited a VVIP to officiate my amusement park.

The next day, I meet Fuad at the site. It’s just about 100 meters away from my house. I told him, I want a VVIP to officiate the project. Fuad didn’t agree as that will make our parents know about that secret chamber project. But, I have different calculation on that and finally Fuad agreed for that plan. So that day, we did some preparation on how to make the ceremony a success. I had prepared the ribbon, scissor and a hoe for the ground breaking ceremony. Fuad and I were all ready for the ceremony to happen.

At the very night…my dad was watching news. As usual, Tun Mahathir was so busy officiating so many project especially during industrial revolution at 80s. I asked my father…

Me : Ayah…

Dad : Kenapa?

Me : Ayah kenal Datuk Mahathir?

Dad : Kenal lah, siapa tak kenal? dia kan perdana menteri Malaysia

Me : Kalau ayah kenal dia, boleh tak ayah jemput dia datang sini?

Dad : Hmmm…..Ayah kenal lah Dato’ Mahathir, tapi Dato’ Mahathir tak kenal ayah…tu yang susah tu. Kenapa nak suruh Dato’ Mahathir datang?

Me : Sebenarnya ayah…Angah ada projek besaaarrr! Angah nak buat bandar bawah tanah yang kanak-kanak boleh masuk dan main sama-sama. Boleh main masak-masak, main chess, main dam aji pun boleh yah.

Dad : (blank)….kat mana? tak tahu pun?

Me : Ada belakang rumah ni, angah buat dengan Fuad. Kalau Dato’ Mahathir boleh rasmikan, boleh promosikan sekali tempat tu sebagai tarikan pelancongan. Nanti banyak sikit boleh kutip duit tiket.

The next day, my late mother, my father and Fuad’s parents were visited that place instead of Tun Mahathir. They were there not to officiate it, but…to inspect the security features on that project. Fuad was right…we both can’t continue the project. Both parents instructed us to stop the project immediately. It was 2 weeks work! I can’t surrender it just like that.

After some discussion with Fuad, we decided to go for the plan B….we still want to buy the toys that we want.

(To be continued…)

Rags to Riches Series – 1

Well, so many things happened before someone can be called a successful man. It doesn’t come in a second, not in a day and not even in a year. History of life for most of the times are the main reason why the perseverance comes up very strong in the heart of any successful people. I’m not a successful man to tell that, just a little experience and a big willingness to share that what made me write this. Periodically, I will update the series of some of my life histories that brought me into this level now. Just like Robert Kiosaki did. He’s not in the position to tell his story as compared to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Richard Branson. But, he’s willing to tell his pathway to obtain his success stories.

Rugs to Rich will be a series that I’m going to tell the readers about my life journey. It’s not a biography (as I’m not somebody significant to write as I haven’t got my own private jet or even my first billion).

What will be portrayed in this series would be some stories from my past. How I survived my life due to the poverty. Sense of survival has been crafted in my heart from my childhood time. Maybe some of you has read my story how I strive very hard just to represent my school in Storytelling Competition just to create a chance for me to feel the comfort of a car seat (my teacher’s Proton Saga). Partially has already read about how I went to catch fishes and sold it to the wet market in my place. There will be much more to be shared in this series.

This is not something for me to show-off but it’s something that could probably be a lesson to our pampered society that was born in silver-spoon families. This could probably the lesson for those people starving for success while they were born in the worst situation just like me. Everything happened with some reasons.

My business life started as early as I was in standard one in primary school. Started with selling my drawing to the other pupils in the schools until I have been contracted to paint the clinic wall with “Anti-drug abuse campaign” mural. From selling nasi lemak to the time I innitiated Roti John PI (Roti John Pandan Indah), the first Roti John that has been enriched with minced beef, chicken and sardine. At some point, how I managed to get hired when I still studied in the university until I can pay the hospital bill for my late mother and bought so many books for my brothers in school. This will also touch my life journey from being a cheap photographer to an international photographer shooting at places that I never dream to step in.

Just for iklan…how i enjoyed my work now.

First and foremost, I’m not somebody born from a rich family. In the real fact, I was born in a clan that never do business before. I would say, I’m the first in the clan that made my living through business. Conservative parents always want their educated child to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, pilot and other recognized profession and work for government or reputable company. This is something I can remember until now.

Yes, it’s easier to remember the hard life plots instead of remembering something really smooth in life. My life, my career, my passion now didn’t take any smooth took off. Until now, I still rated myself as a survivor and more than that…a fighter. Because I was born as a fighter. I have to really fight in order for me to get my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Watch-out this space, for more updates. Tell more friends about this regardless what they are doing. This is not an exclusive dedication for photographers. This is something I wrote for the people to feel thankful for whatever they have now. This is something that will somehow can spark your spirit to be a fighter in your own line. Whoever your are, if you are a living human…you can’t run from being a fighter.

More to come…


Malu itu satu penggerak…

5 years ago, I started my photography journey as a wedding photographer. A few months after, I became a little popular among my blog follower. Many people requested me to do a workshop. Then, I organised my first workshop. By average, professional (or so called Otai) in photography charged participants around RM80-200 per workshops. But, I had my plan. I don’t want people to pay soooo cheap for them to sleep in my class and walk away from the workshop without implementation of the knowledge. Then, I decided, to charge RM200. I planned to return RM100 to them if the appear and sitting in my class till the end of session. I posted the workshop news in photomalaysia forum (the largest photography forum in Malaysia). Then, a well known and reputable war photographer posted this “…if this chap can charge RM200, I think I should charge thousand…”. That was the last day I posted in that forum. I feel shameful with that statement and I told myself…I’ll do something to revenge.

Just because…I’m nobody.

The workshops still happened. With only 5 people attended. 4 out of 5 now doing really well in photography. 1 of them…is progressing to be a legend. 5 years later, I appear with all very pricey workshops and seminars. Thank god…now, nobody argue it. Because I don’t want any participant in my class to sleep and to walk away from it without a success story. Further…they should feel lucky, because the experience shared in that classes are priceless.

Idiot do the same mistakes twice, good people learn from their mistakes, smart people….learn from other people mistakes. Which one are u?

Back to the “War Photographer” thingy. 4 months ago, I’ve been invited to be the speaker in an international photography conference in Sarawak (Treasure of the Rainforest) attended by participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Thailand and Netherlands. Coincidentally, the war photographer I mentioned earlier was in the invitation list too. Yes…we were in the same line-up to give talk in that prestigious event. Well, I know him very well…who didn’t.

1 night, i asked him..

SN: Do you still remember you gave cynical statement to a new boy who wanted to organize a workshop 5 years ago in photomalaysia?”.

WP : (He smiled…)..”I always like that whatt…hahahah….can’t remember lah”

(we laughed together)

SN : ….

WP : Why Saiful?

SN : I was that boy…

WP : Owhh…glad to see you now this way.

SN : You know what….You’re my driving factor. Because…i feel shameful due to your statement

WP : You’re somebody now…don’t worry mate

SN : I’ve paid my revenge…we’re friend now and I should be thankful to u.

From that day until now, we remain as good friend. Honestly, I never plan to do bad revenge and always plan to pay off the revenge as sweet as possible. I strategize all my move since all that turning points. Kerana malu itu…saya berusaha untuk tidak dimalukan lagi. Dengan perasaan malu itu, saya bergerak lebih laju dan lebih kemas serta memperkemaskan segala langkah yang diambil.

I’m not a successful photographer yet. But I always try to be one. The journey…will never stop.


Thanh & Viv – Wedding in UK


It’s about a month pending to upload this video. I love this video as I never seen myself working. When I was shooting in London, I brought along an assistant photographer which also became the videographer to capture the moment behind the scene. Enjoy watching this video and if you love it, please pass it to all your friends.